Whatsapp Android users get fingerprint lock feature,


Whatsapp Android users get fingerprint lock feature,

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp has announced the launch of a fingerprint lock for Android users. With this, the Facebook-owned app has finally brought the option of biometric authentication for users, which was available for iPhone users from February this year. Soon this new feature can be rolled out to all users.whats app lock

Like the TouchID feature available to iPhone users, Android users will be able to lock and unlock WhatsApp with the help of their fingerprint. iPhone users get both Touch ID and FaceID option for WhatsApp unlock. Now Android users will also be able to lock the app automatically and it can be unlocked with the help of fingerprint. If the user has enabled WhatsApp lock, then WhatsApp will be unlocked after a certain time.

Users will be able to select themselves in how much time the app is unlocked automatically. Users have been given the option to lock the app as soon as it is closed, from 1 minute onwards to lock after 30 minutes. Also, users will be able to choose whether the name of the message or the message sent to them will be seen in the notifications.

How to enable this feature

A screenshot of this feature has also been shared by WhatsApp. To enable the fingerprint lock feature on WhatsApp, users must first open the app on their Android device and go to its settings. After this, the account, privacy and fingerprint lock will have to be selected. Here, after enabling Unlock with the fingerprint option, you will have to confirm the fingerprint and you will be asked to confirm the fingerprint.

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