Realme UI Custom interface for Realme smartphone unveiled.


Custom interface for Realme smartphones unveiled.

Just a few days ago, an official announcement was made about the RealmeUI in the Chinese market.

The new interface is based on Android 10 and is also inspired by Oppo’s ColorOS 7. It has been claimed to be designed for younger customers. Realme UI has many customization options. Users will be able to control colors, icons, wallpapers, and animations.

Realme UI has many customization options.

According to Realme, Users will be able to control colors, icons, wallpapers, and animations. The custom interface is claimed to have naturally high saturation and high brightness colors. App icons use the core element of household goods in Realme UI. It is possible to customize its size.


Realme claims that it has adopted the concept of real design. This will bring an extremely easy experience for users. Like ColorOS 7, the Realme UI will have better 3 finger screenshots and options like Focus Mode. The interface has options for multiple wallpapers and custom wallpapers. It also has a focus mode that gives users the option to ‘get away from the outside world’ for a while. They can do many important things by listening to some relaxing music. The interface also has an improved 3 finger screenshot option. In this, the users have to choose a particular area of the screen and keep three fingers on the screen for a few seconds. Apart from customizing the size, users will have the option to customize the internal graphics of the icons in the Realme UI. Whether the icons are of any size or size.

There are 11 new wallpapers in Realme UI.

These are claimed to be inspired by natural elements. Realme has improved screen frequency by using Oppo’s Quantum Animation Engine technology. Apart from this, the interface claims to have many power-saving features. Which is optimized for less consumption of power and better Performance

It comes with a Personal Information Protection feature. It has been told that if an app asks for access to the user’s personal information, then it will be given a blank page.

It is not clear how long the UI will be a part of the Realme smartphones, but some users have claimed that Realme X2 Pro is getting a beta update of Realme UI in the Chinese market.


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