PUBG vs Call of Duty (COD) full review

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So, how does Call of Duty Mobile compare against PUBG Mobile? That’s the main question for which we seek an answer for ourselves?.

 The mobile gaming scene was captivated by PUBG Storm and generated a new species of battle royale games. Another major gaming brand is looking to cash in on the mania, and its none other than Call of Duty. It is one of the biggest franchises in the world, with millions of copies sold over the years. Of course, there will be some new maps and weapons to play around with. That happens with any new game. What else it has to offer?

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The graphics performance largely depends on the hardware that your smartphone packs.

In the case of low Flagship smartphones, The Call of Duty Mobile provides better and much detailed maps. In the game, when you are entering houses or overcoming obstacles, it feels much closer to the real world. Call of Duty Mobile always took inspiration from World War settings and storylines, and graphics play a large part in making players believe they are part of a critical mission. PUBG has done a great job at world-building, and it’s amazing. However, Call of Duty Mobile wins this round.

In the case of the High-End Flagship smartphones. Here PUBG provides smooth experience in HD graphics and High frame rate. No shadows and trees look like paintings here. Choosing Smooth renders better graphics with more details in structures. Continuing to CoD Mobile, you get several graphics and frame rate options to choose from. Here is the default that the game picked automatically. The graphics are set to high. In my experience, letting the game pick the option on your smartphone configuration is a safe bet. As far as performance is concerned, even a budget smartphone handled both the games well, albeit with some compromise on graphics. There were no lags, and CoD Mobile had better graphics on both budget and high-end smartphones. Increasing frame rate and graphics will hurt the gaming experience with visible lags. That ruins the gaming experience altogether.




However, when it involves gameplay, PUBG is more popular thanks to the convenience of access and availability.

COD is backed by Activision, a gaming powerhouse, and has established itself together of the most important franchises of all time. You’ll need to account for bullet drop also in COD, which isn’t the case in PUBG. Enemies indicator marks don’t appear until the enemy is super on the brink of you, which in my opinion makes the sport more competitive as you will have to be at the very best alert for your surroundings. Even while firing from the hip, in PUBG you’ll get tons of shots of the enemy at close range, however, in COD unless there’s a compensator attached to your weapon good luck killing opponents while firing from the hip. Aiming down the sight is the sure-shot way of putting down enemy players


Now let’s talk about something that made COD the ultimate mobile gaming experience in my opinion. It was the insanely smooth frame rate and graphics. it becomes instantly clear that COD has the best graphics optimizations. The frame rate is very fast, much faster as compared to PUBG and the graphics are much better as well. Things like an exploding grenade near a wall will change the environment in COD but not in PUBG (unless you throw a frag at a car).


Maps are one point where PUBG Mobile is not too far behind. While PUBG goes for variety and complexity, CoD relies majorly on nostalgia, with the impact of terrain differences being significantly greater on PUBG Mobile.”PUBG’s maps offer different terrains in the classic Battle Royale mode. These maps change the way you play. For instance, Miramar is a large desert, so the gameplay is slow, and starts becoming a sniper showdown as you reach the end while Sanhok is smaller, and is mostly a tropical island. Hence, you notice faster gameplay with a lot of ‘snakes”


Another pulling factor that got me hooked to COD was that it included most of the favored multiplayer maps like Nuketown, Crash, Hijack and Killhouse. In PUBG you’re strapped to only four maps, all of them quite big. Even for the relatively fast-paced game modes in Arcade, you’ve got just one option for maps. Although this is often a private preference of mine, short and fast-paced multiplayer modes are more enjoyable than long drawn out games, which is almost half-hour within the case of PUBG. the continual actions that the varied small-scale maps provided were far above what the giant-sized PUBG map gave. This is a battle that is actually too close to call, for we are actually fans of both the sets of maps that these games have on offer.



One of the large differences between PUBG and COD is how upgrades work. PUBG Mobile is usually about costumes, themes, and skins with the power to start out the sport wearing a steampunk outfit or be dressed sort of a clown. COD: Mobile may be a lot more straight-laced, because you’re an operator, getting to battle.



COD Mobile also offers a range of content that fits in with the normal console brand, drawing from a long history of classic maps and modes. There’s a good possibility that the game is downloaded by a lot of COD fans to check out just how good the game is. But which may not be the gang Activision will get to make Call of Duty Mobile a longterm success. While COD Mobile is smashing its rivals, this might all change within the coming months. Modern Warfare launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC, pulling away from those initial players. And while traditional gamers do play games on mobile devices, it’ll be the regular players Call of Duty M will get to impress. There are areas of the planet who know of the COD franchise and are becoming their first real taste of it. Console sales won’t be strong in regions like India but there are many avid mobile gamers.

PUBG Mobile has done an excellent job of capturing this audience and continues to try to so. And COD Mobile will get to do an equivalent if it wants to stay top of the pile. This will mean bringing back Controller support and ensuring that gameplay remains the main target. For now, things are good for COD Mobile but it’ll get to put within the work to exchange something like PUBG Mobile within the markets that matter. Tencent, who is publishing both COD and PUBG, has done a fantastic job of taking mobile gaming to a subsequent level. With COD, I think that a real competitor for PUBG has finally arrived and it’d get on its thanks to dethroning the latter when the official version arrives.



But while COD Mobile has seen early success and a huge amount of individuals downloading it, the hard part remains to return. According to a replacement report, Call of Duty Mobile had the most important launch of any mobile game on Android and iOS, ever. It’s now estimated that COD Mobile has been downloaded over 100 million times from App Stores in its first week, dwarfing many other game launches. In comparison, Mario Kart Tour reached 90 million downloads in its first week, making it an in-depth rival. But other games, like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile, were left behind and went past 30 Million downloads over an equivalent period. And that will make great reading for Activision as they compute just how popular Call of Duty Mobile might be. On the cash side of things, COD Mobile is crushing its genre rivals when it involves first-week player-spending.



Not only does COD look better, but it’s also lighter on resources. The result comes via lesser dropped frames, better realism and reflections, more scrutinized details, and interesting elements sort of a slow-mo kill cam, which works smoothly even in non-flagship phones. While PUBG Mobile has improved in leaps and bounds, and COD comes with its own set of glitches, the latter still produces better aesthetics than PUBG Mobile’s terrain-driven gameplay, because of much of COD’s finer, more intricate character details else.

However, within the mobile world, COD still features ways to travel. If you would like active matchmaking and quick gameplay, accompany PUBG. It’s not that taxing on mobile phones either, so you’ll easily find a match within a couple of moments.COD, on the opposite hand, has yet to determine its footing. While the sport is pretty decent, it’ll take a touch of your time for it to cement its footing within the mobile world.


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