PUBG vs Blackout Call of Duty Blackout – Which is better?

PUBG vs Call of Duty Blackout –

Player Unknown Battlegrounds PUBG vs Blackout Call of Duty Blackout – Which is better?

PUBG vs Blackout Call of Duty Blackout: The gaming community is captivated by PUBG by delivering an intensely realistic Battle Royale experience. The new Call of Duty Blackout could give PUBG, a good competition. Call of Duty Blackout borrows a number of the simplest features of PUBG and provides a more cohesive and polished gameplay experience. On the opposite hand, PUBG has some significant advantages over the previous.

Here’re some differences between PUBG and Call of Duty Blackout. In our comparison, we’ve compared only the PC and console versions of PUBG and Call of Duty Blackout. it might be unfair to bring PUBG Mobile into this, as Call of Duty Blackout remains unavailable on a mobile platform.

Pubg vs Blackout call of duty Blackout

Our comparison on PUBG vs blackout Call of Duty Blackout is predicated on gameplay and visuals.

It’s undeniable as it so happens that Blackout is a triple-A title. Surfaces like rocks and soil are unmistakably higher-devotion and seem more honed than they do in PUBG. Power outage is likewise marginally more adapted – dislike Fortnite, yet the adapted grass and trees give the condition a more cleaned feel. In any case, considering the spending distinction among PUBG and Blackout, this shouldn’t be an  amazement.

PUBG has a grittier situation, with more blunt lighting and a more practical style. It’s not also enhanced as Blackout and can appear to judder by examination. This makes adversary players a lot harder to spot, and it can take some effort to get the game moving

Frame rate

Right down to the technicalities of visuals the primary major difference between the games is that the frame rate, which players get. Call of Duty Blackout gives up to 60 frames per second, while PUBG hardly reaches half frame rate of Blackouts. Encounters, in Blackout, are faster than in PUBG, where frame rates may find yourself killing you.


Call of Duty Blackout visuals are brighter and smaller details like shadows are rendered more accurately. Playzone shrinks. The play zone shrinking and its impact on gameplay one among the foremost significant characteristics of Battle Royale is that the shrinking play zone. The shrink, in PUBG, you will notice an uneven shrink from one side and evenly middle shrink zone in Call of Duty  Blackout. Thus towards the top of a PUBG game, if players are lucky and therefore the play zone doesn’t shrink on their side, they will hold advantageous positions. In Blackout, players cannot exploit this unfair edge.

PUBG vs blackout


PUBG Battle Royales require players to manually loot all the things before engaging. While Blackout, on the opposite hand, automatically equips the best attachments for the guns. The inventory, in PUBG, is affected by the size and weight of if items during this regard, Blackout has followed Fortnite and introduced 5-10 slots which will be filled without restrictions. Furthermore, the quantity of ammunition doesn’t affect inventory slots. Personal The advantage of killing over looting By streamlining the looting process, Blackout prioritizes killing over looting. This makes gameplay faster. However, in PUBG with the painstaking looting, players need to choose long times without meeting someone. It’s even worse once they get killed soon after a successful looting spree. The shooting experience The guns and therefore the glory is yours to require Blackout’s quicker engagement means shooting is vastly different from PUBG. like all Call of Duty games, there’s almost zero gun recoil. The special things in Blackout aside from guns, Blackout introduces items like portable shields, barbed wires, and grapple guns. This makes camping, ambushing, and movement radically different. most significantly, unlike PUBG, Blackout allows underwater shooting. Thus swimming gamers aren’t at an obstacle if people onshore shoot at them.


All about the healing touch Both PUBG and Call of Duty  Blackout offer players the prospect to heal themselves if they get knocked down or injured. PUBG offers a good range of healing items. Blackout’s healing is far more streamlined and offers quicker recovery. Notably, PUBG doesn’t allow healing while moving. this extra feature in Blackout may be a welcome one in high action situations or while outrunning a shrinking play zone.

A final verdict on PUBG vs Call of Duty Blackout

PUBG features a 100 players play zone while on the opposite hand Blackout has only 88. The landing is best within the latter. However, Blackout lacks realism at a certain point to bring this experience.

So, if the players seek better graphics, faster gameplay, and more vehicles It appears as Blackout does have a more and polished Battle Royale than PUBG, but if players need a realistic tactical military experience, PUBG remains a transparent choice.

Do you know? The unique things in Blackout

Aside from weapons, Blackout presents items like versatile shields, spiked wires, and catch firearms. This makes outdoors, ambushing, and development profoundly extraordinary. In particular, dissimilar to PUBG, Blackout permits submerged shooting. Hence swimming gamers are not off guard if individuals coastal take shots at them

The overall target of the two games is to remain the last man (or crew) remaining on an island with around 100 different players. The two games highlight a contracting circle that surrounds the players over the long haul, driving them into lacking elbow room with their partners and foes the same.

Games normally last around 25 – 30 minutes in both Blackout and PUBG, yet Blackout’s guide is a bit littler.

This, joined with the slicker liveliness and more brilliant lighting, makes it significantly simpler to discover and draw in foes in Blackout. PUBG’s jumpier livelinesss and third-individual point of view loan themselves to a more slow style of interactivity, with more campers hanging out in houses sitting tight for a chance to trap you.

PUBG takes a 100 players while Blackout has 88.

If you like fast-paced, polished games with simple controls, go for Activision’s Blackout.

If you favor longer rounds and more realism, challenging gameplay, opt for Bluehole’s PUBG.

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