PUBG Season 15 Outfits Leaks


PUBG Season 15 Outfits Leaks  Sneak peek

PUBG Season 15 Outfits Leaks: Season 15’s Royal Pass on PUBG Mobile will be released on 14 September 2020 and will feature a host of costumes, emotes, and other prizes. Season 15 is being named Beyond A.C.E and this time the theme will be titled “Samurai Theme”.

Like every season, there will be two versions of Royal Pass in season 15. There will be a free royal pass while there will be an elite pass. The costumes will be present in both Royal passes and their information has been leaked. Here is the list.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royal Passed Leaked Outfits

There are a total of 4 costumes in the Royal Pass of PUBG Mobile Season 15:

# 1 Whitestar Outfit Whitestar Outfit
Whitestar Outfit RP will be found at Level 1 and its headgear will be at 5th level.

Pubg Whitestar Outfit PUBG Season 15 Outfits

# 2 Shadow Assassin Outfit Shadow Assassin Outfit

Shadow Assassin Outfit Royal Pass will be available at 30 RP while its mask is going to be available at 35 RP.

PUBG Shadow Assassin Outfit

# 3 Silverstar Outfit Silverstar Outfit
The Sylvester Outfit can be found in Royal Pass at 60 levels.

Pubg Silverstar outfit

# 4 Samurai Ops Outfit Samurai Ops Outfit
Season 15’s Royal Pass is going to get a great outfit of samurai ops at 100 RP and its helmet will be present at 80 RP.

Pubg Samurai Ops Outfit
PUBG Season 15 Outfits

Season 15 update of PUBG Mobile is coming at 7 am, September 14 and this update is going to come inside the game itself. There are different types of bounty in the new season and new crate items will also come in the meantime. Expect some special things to come for free passers too.

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