PUBG Mobile Returns : PUBG Mobile may be back in India soon

Pubg mobile Banned

PUBG Mobile Returns: PUBG Mobile may be back in India soon, franchisee has taken away from the Chinese company

PUBG Mobile Returns: The Government of India had recently banned PUBG Mobile in the country. Apart from PUBG, the government had banned 117 other Chinese apps. PubG Mobile is a very popular game in India. Now there is good news for fans of PUBG mobile games. PUBG Mobile may be back in India soon. Actually, PUBG Corporation has decided to break away from Tencent Games in China.

What is the whole matter?

PUBG is a game originally developed in South Korea. The mobile version of this game has been taken over by China Tencent Games. Now after Chinese apps are banned in India, PUBG’s parent company has decided to take over PUBG’s operations in India and suspend the Tencent Games franchise company in India. That’s why the possibilities Of Pubg Mobile Returns to India is expected soon.

Pubg mobile Banned

South Korean company will take over command of PUBG Mobile After breaking ties with Tencent Games, now PubG‘s seed company will carry out operations related to PubG in India. It also means that the Ban on PUBG mobiles in India can be removed and PUBG Mobile returns soon.

The government banned 118 Chinese apps

The government, in an order banning apps, has stated that the data being collected and shared by these apps could pose a threat to the security of the users as well as the nation. The 118 banned apps include many popular names. Games like Ludo and Carrom, which were popular during the lockdown, have also been banned. The list includes Ludo All-Star and Ludo World-Ludo Superstar, besides Chase Rus and Carrom Friends.

Ban has also been imposed on Tiktok

This was not the first time the government has banned Chinese apps. Earlier, the company has banned 59 Chinese apps. It also included the popular short video making app TikTok. The border between China and India has been under tension for some time now. Because of this, the government has decided to ban apps.

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