PUBG camping tricks for a guaranteed chicken dinner.


These PUBG camping tricks have worked 90% of the time and guaranteed a chicken Dinner for you.


As a matter of first importance, you need to gather all the stock you need and enough shots, Grenades/molotovs and wellbeing units/wraps/painkillers, etc for Pubg camping

While doing these Pubg camping trick the map will contract by 2 or 3 zones.

Pubg camping trick -1

1. Discover a Jeep. (other vehicles can be hopped over)


2. Search for this kind of house is best for pubg camping and ideally in the focal piece of the zone and flow of safe zone. Both are the same, simply that one has 2 porches and the other one has a patio and a rooftop.


3. Go inside towards the stairs with your vehicle.

Also Remember, Presently dependent on the area of the sheltered zone you may either fire upon the vehicle and impact it or trust that the zone will contract again to be twofold certain that this house will be there in the last zones. (If it isn’t, leave in the vehicle and rehash this in a house which will be in the zone. Such structures will be during the zones practically 80% of the time since they are found all over)

4. Park your vehicle like this covering the stairs with the goal that it hinders the staircase and check for any holes.

5. Get down on the stairs by changing the seat to go to the traveler side and afterward leaving.



Note: Before exploding the vehicle ensure all your partners have gone up the house or they’ll be caught outside. When the vehicle is exploded, don’t get out from the windows or the porch or you won’t have the option to enter back in.


7. Explode the vehicle.

Presto! You have an invulnerable fortress for you and your partners to do pubg camping.

Killing individuals and pulling in them towards you is a decent procedure to bring the last zone towards you.

Note- All partners ought not to remain at one spot since explosives can at present be tossed inside the windows.

Pubg Camping has Pros and Cons.

Pros of Pubg Camping:

Few movements, they’re ready to check any given territory inside a specific span to search for an obvious objective/target.

Less inclined to get more kills by not running/hopping around and not making sounds.

More averse to experience foes and thusly brings down the opportunity at killing the opponents.

Cons of Pubg Camping:

Less gunplay, prompting a player being a corroded shot when they, in the end, are compelled to battle another player/gathering.

Fewer murders, fewer player faceoffs while being a protected strategy for endurance likewise prompts less plunder altogether to look over, you don’t have a bigger pool of weapons, ammunition, prescriptions, utilities and connections to browse since you’re not lifting gear up off of players.

A negligible amount of movements, a player who camps will plunder till they’re constrained into the circle and likely be left with the apparatus they’ve found inside the given time. Less assortment of plunder = less possibility of endurance when they, in the long run, take part in an end game battle where the greater part will probably have the best plunder from different players.

In case, if you are unable to find the House for pubg camping you can just follow these Tactics to get a PUBG Chicken Dinner.

1. Play on the Edge

In case you have the 4X and 8X scope the play on the edge of the Blue zone. This will give you a total perspective on the play zone, while boundlessly decreasing the odds that a player may be digging out from a deficit you.


2. Shoot to Kill

In the event that you spot somebody and they haven’t spotted you, possibly take the shot if murder is ensured, else, you’ll simply wind up parting with your position. Since you’ve spotted them, you have sufficient time to take the ideal shot — focus on the head, and shoot in blasts until the player is dead.

3. Try not to Go in Guns Blazing

In the event that lone two others are left alive, keep covered up and let them battle it out, and afterward execute the staying one player.


The Perfect Spot

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