New PUBG Mobile July Update announced by PUBG Mobile.

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New PUBG MOBILE July Update  will be rolled out starting on July 16th

Another  New PUBG MOBILE July Update will be turned out beginning on July sixteenth. If you don’t mind ensure there are at any rate 181 MB of extra room on your iOS gadget and 158 MB on your Android gadgets. Companions playing on various forms of the game can’t welcome each other, so please update soon.

PUBG MOBILE July Update Adaptation Update Rewards

Update the game between July sixteenth and July 22nd to get a Parachute Trail and 1,888 BP.

What’s going on:

1. PUBG MOBILE July Update –New Weapon: PP-19

• The game’s fifth sub-automatic rifle. Flames 9mm ammo. Drops in Erangel and Vikendi.

• The PP-19 is a 9mm sub-automatic rifle with a separable larger than average magazine of 53 rounds, however, it doesn’t bolster magazine overhauls, so the limit can’t be expanded through connections.

• The weapon can be outfitted with degrees and gag connections and can be furnished with all extensions from the Red Dot Sight or the Holographic Sight to the 6x Scope, and all gag frill accessible for sub-assault rifles.

• The PP-19 has a single shot harm estimation of 35 and a pace of discharge like the UMP. Its default magazine size gives the benefit of a completely kitted weapon during the early game. These focal points come at the expense of a somewhat more vulnerable presentation later in the match.

2.  PUBG MOBILE July Update –TPP-Team Deathmatch added to Room Mode.

3. iOS foundation download and update include having been included. While downloading another fix, iOS players would now be able to send the application to the foundation (iOS shop won’t be refreshed to mirror this).

4. New Rating Protection Cards, including Rating Protection Card (Duration) and Rating Protection Card (Uses), will produce results when appraisals change. No evaluation will be deducted while the Card is dynamic. Just applies to the Crown tier or beneath.

5. The High Frame Rate choice has been added to HDR mode for some top of the line gadgets. Empower it for far and away superior illustrations at the expense of battery life. It very well may be arranged in Settings – Graphics.

6. PMCO-themed occasions are coming in late July. Subsequent to finishing the missions, players can tune in to the new PMCO melody by Alan Walker, and get the PMCO Theme for the Main Menu.

PUBG MOBILE July Update -Bug Fixes

1. Fixed issue of remuneration warnings not showing up when there are Daily Missions in the compensation for RP Missions.

2. Fixed issue of Crate Names depicted in EZ Mission License Perks 3 not coordinating the genuine carton.

3. Fixed issue of players being wrongly positioned with erroneous appraisals and tiers during the season change.

4. Fixed issue of players incapable to move the symbols of their partners in Team Deathmatch Mode.


PUBG MOBILE July Update -Upgrades

1. Items have been added to BP Shop for Prime supporters, including Season 8 passes, strategic and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

2. The UC Purchase Bonus screen has been refreshed. Prizes have additionally been refreshed.

3. Title special visualizations have been improved.

4. Select mythic outfits have currently appeared with weapons drawn.

5. Bound together with the Crate names and tweaked the special visualization of the route bar on the correct side.

6. Reward Challenge results are presently determined continuously. The Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States areas will be starting soon.

PUBG MOBILE July Update -Season Changes

1. The season framework redesigns

a. The Season interface has been updated to be increasingly natural.

b. The Classic Mode Results Screen has been balanced. Rating and Tier changes are currently increasingly noticeable on the screen.

c. Season 8 prizes have been balanced. The whole Season 8 outfit is currently accessible after arriving at the Gold tier. The precious stone tier will highlight Season-restrictive weapon wraps up.

d. Tier rewards have been balanced. Arrive at Crown or above to get an exceptional group joining impact and unofficial IDs. Arrive at Ace or above to get a changeless season title.

e. Rewards will currently be consequently sent to players toward the finish of the season.

f. At the start of each season, players will find out about increasing point by point changes from the past season.

g. The ranking framework’s calculation has been tuned to marginally expand the heaviness of slaughter focuses, so executes will bigger affect Tier.

h. Tier move rules have been reexamined. Beginning from Season 8, Tiers underneath Gold are moved as-is to the following season.

i. Tier Transfer messages have been cleaned. Rating reset data for all servers will be appeared in one message, and tier move rules will be clarified on the site (connection will be remembered for the message).

j. Tier advancement update has been balanced. Division advancements inside a tier won’t appear in the anteroom. Tier advancements will get an increasingly extreme update.

k. Tier symbol visuals have been improved.

PUBG MOBILE July Update Royale Pass: New sea-themed outfits and items anticipate players in the Season 8 Royale Pass!

a. New companions demand highlight: on the Elite Pass buy page, players can approach their companions for the Elite Pass or Elite Pass Plus.

b. To praise the primary commemoration of the Royale Pass, a few items from Season 2 and Season 3 are returning. Players can get these rare items in Rank Rewards and Redemption Crates.

c. Display consequences for the Rewards screen, Mission screen, EZ Mission License screen, and Ranking screen have been balanced.

Most Recent Events: PUBG MOBILE July Update 

1. Team Up in Royale Pass Season 8 for the Summer Carnival! Fortunes from the sea anticipate you!

2. PUBG MOBILE CLUB OPEN 2019 Global Finals, 7/26-7/28 – Join us in Berlin! Registration in-game a specific number of times to gather PMCO-select prizes!

3. PUBG MOBILE x BAPE coordinated effort with in-game BAPE items and retail stock!

4. Alan Walker x PUBG MOBILE’s new coordinated effort single and riddle set! Check the occasion community to take part in the new tune opening occasion.

5. To commend the main commemoration of Royale Pass, some Season 2 and Season 3 occasions will be back. Players can get these rare items in Rank Rewards and reclaim cases!

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