24 ‘Dangerous’ malware apps removed from the Google Play Store.

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24 ‘Dangerous’ Malware apps removed from the Google Play Store. All these apps were loaded with malware and were allegedly collecting data and sending it to some servers in China.

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The Google Play Store has removed 24 malware apps. All these apps were loaded with malware and were allegedly collecting data and sending it to some servers in China. All these apps belonged to the same main Chinese company, which was running these apps in the Google app market through multiple developer’s accounts. These apps were first noticed by the employees of VPN Pro. All these apps were asking users for the permissions demanded by Android antivirus apps.

According to a blog post by VPN Pro, a Chinese company named Shenzhen HAWK, also a subsidiary of TCL Corporation, is running 24 apps on Google Play Store. All these apps have been downloaded more than 382 million (38 million 20 million) times. These apps were demanding some very dangerous permissions from Android users, and some apps were also loaded with malware. Sophos says that these apps used to find and fix problems on the phone and then asked the users for money to find more problems. Not only this, but many times users were also given the option to install other malware-filled apps.

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These apps released by Shenzhen HAWK include over 10 million downloaded weather information apps, over 10 million downloaded sound recorder apps, over 5 million downloaded file manager apps, 10 Includes Super Cleaner App that has taken more than 10 million downloads and Virus Cleaner 2019 App has been downloaded more than 10 million times. You can see the names of all these apps at the end of this report.

The blog says that information of this news was passed on to Google by Forbes on Tuesday, soon after which Google removed all these malware apps from the Play Store. After Google HAWK’s application was removed by Google, TCL Corporation contacted VPN Pro and said that the company was in talks with Google on the matter. Apart from this, TCL has also said that the company is setting up a security check regarding its apps. Let us know that many apps of Shenzhen HAWK are already installed in Alcatel and other TCL phones.

These apps included in the Google Play Store include a total of 24 malware apps, including downloaded weather information apps downloaded more than 10 million times, Sound Recorder app downloaded over 100 million times.

If any of these apps are included in your phone too, then we would advise you to remove these apps from the phone immediately.

The names of all the malware apps are as follows.

  1. Laser Break
  2. Word crush
  3. Music roam
  4. Virus Cleaner 2019
  5. Hi Security 2019
  6. Hi VPN, Free VPN
  7. Hi VPN Pro
  8. Net master
  9. File manager
  10. Sound recorder
  11. Joy launcher
  12. Turbo browser
  13. Weather Forecast
  14. Calendar Lite
  15. World zoo
  16. Word Crossy!
  17. Soccer Pinball
  18. Dig it
  19. Candy Selfie Camera
  20. Private browser
  21. Super cleaner
  22. Super battery
  23. Candy Gallery
  24. Puzzle Box

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